PRESS RELEASE Let’s put HIV into context
1 out of every 5 people you meet and greet in Sub-Saharan Africa is HIV+ve.  Sub-Saharan Africa is the most affected country in the world by HIV, more so than any other
29 Apr 2014
A focus on HIV Are we heading toward an Aids free generation?
A new study by Doctors Without Borders revealed that while KwaZulu-Natal remains the focal point of the HIV epidemic in South Africa, progress is being made on early diagnosis, intervention and treatment
14 Mar 2014 - M. P.
Can there be an HIV free future? Developments in HIV reveals a possible bonus to bone-marrow usage
Two HIV/Aids patients have reportedly been taken off their HIV drugs after bone-marrow transplants seemed to clear the virus from their bodies. Doctors remain intrigued.
04 Jul 2013 - K. F.
Madiba hailed as HIV/Aids hero Nelson Mandela fought against the silence surrounding the disease
In a country where some 5.5 million people, or more than 10% of the population, are living with the HIV that causes Aids, Mandela contributed to 'giving a voice to the voiceless'
28 Jun 2013 - A.
Aids-free generation Partnerships have reduced mother-to-baby transmissions
This month we see the millionth baby born into the 'AIDS-free generation' which, just a decade ago, would have been unimaginable
19 Jun 2013 - P. N.
Slow progress in HIV pregnancies Nigeria struggles to assist pregnant women who are HIV-positive
Of the six million women who become pregnant in Nigeria yearly, about 300 000 are HIV-positive; the country remains the second most burdened with the disease globally
11 Jun 2013 - M. F.
HIV/Aids drug boost SA rolls out ARVs in one pill
A new fixed-dose combination drug for HIV/Aids will be rolled out to public hospitals and clinics. About one million HIV-positive people are expected to receive the treatment over the next two years.
08 Apr 2013 - J. K.
The ABC of HIV New developments aim to break down the virus
The only HIV vaccine trial to achieve moderate success took place four years ago and continues to reveal new information about the virus and renew hopes for a future vaccine.
16 Jan 2013 - C. P.
Trucking wellness Taking healthcare on the road
Mention long distance truck drivers in any conversation and in most cases it will conjure up images of Hollywood movies but in reality you may not always be aware of all the risks they face.
26 Dec 2012 - H. W.
World Aids Day: 1 December 2012 Hope for a long life
People living with HIV should think about their future, begin managing their health and start planning for their long-term financial needs
29 Nov 2012
An artillery of antibodies Superwoman is not just a cartoon character
A women from a rural area in KwaZulu-Natal, possesses neutralising antibodies that weaken the HIV virus
01 Nov 2012 - S. C.
It's in the bag Giving hope to aids orphans
Columbus Stainless recently handed over 75 DeskBags, school uniforms, and school shoes to HIV/Aids orphans cared for by the Vukanethemba Home Base Care (Vukanethemba) in Mhluzi, Mpumalanga.
28 Sep 2012

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