In a new study into the South African government’s proposed introduction of plain tobacco packaging, Helvin Manuel, an MBA graduate of the University of Stellenbosch
07 Jun 2016
On the 21st April, Ndlovu Workplace Wellness (WoW) participated in the annual Health & Safety Day at ArcelorMittal’s Newcastle plant. Employees had the opportunity to
03 Jun 2016
THE TOPIC OF WEIGHT Weight-loss surgery could decrease chances of diabetes
Weight-loss surgery significantly lowers diabetes rate in obese
05 Nov 2014 - M. H.
SKIP A BEAT I am Woman, stroke affects me
This Stroke Awareness Week the Heart and Stroke Foundation SA is joining forces with the World Stroke Organisation in a global campaign to raise awareness about stroke, the second biggest killer of women in SA
22 Oct 2014
OUTSTANDING QUALITY Award winning oil in SA
Rio Largo Premium Blend, Rio Largo Gold, Groote Vallei, Morgenster and Willow Creek Estate Blend extra virgin all won the Absa Top 5 Olive Oil Awards for outstanding quality
22 Oct 2014
OBELIX THE OBESE Obesity remains a global issue
There is a simple way to combat chronic lifestyle diseases, and that is to eat properly and exercise. Obesity is a prevalent, and potentially deadly, problem in South Africa.
17 Sep 2014 - J. E.
SUGAR HIGH Sweetened drinks get the tax
A suggested tax on sugar-sweetened beverages may reduce obesity in 220,000 adults in South Africa, thereby reducing energy intake by about 36 kilojoules per day
24 Aug 2014
RATED PG Worst and most dangerous home remedies
Home remedies are not only affordable, they're instantly available too, and though most home cures are relatively harmless, be sure that your combinations aren't on the list of dangerous home remedies
23 Aug 2014
BURNING QUESTION Ramadaan and heartburn: the link
Fasting is not only observed by muslims the world over, but also something usually prescribed to assist the treatment of certain ailments. It can also help clear harmful toxins.
21 Jul 2014
MIRACLE POTION You can win with vinegar
Few of us know the real (and multiple) ways
 that Apple Cider Vinegar benefits the body. Turns out there are a myriad of health benefits.
17 Jul 2014 - L. R.
CHOLESTEROL Not the villain its made out to be
Surveys of adults around the world show that although most people are concerned about their cholesterol, fewer than half know recommended cholesterol levels or understand what those numbers mean
02 Jul 2014 - G. T.
FOOD SAFETY Food safety goes beyond buying the food off the shelf
Retailers have a responsibility to ensure that the food they provide to the public is of good quality and safe for consumption — but food safety responsibilities do not end there.
12 Jun 2014

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