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BACK TO BACK Back ailments can leave you incapacitated
Back injury is not only uncomfortable and inconvenient, it can be excruciatingly painful to the point where it may leave you incapacitated.
22 Jul 2014 - S. D.
Break the habit Top 10 worst male health habits
Regardless of your diet or workout routine - here are the most common mistakes men make when it comes to their health
04 Nov 2013
Man flu does exist Men might be stronger but when ill, they become the weaker sex
A massive tweet-a-thon revealed that among other unusual colds and flu discoveries, “man flu” is alive and unwell among South African men.
12 Jul 2013 - N. A.
Problems with prostate Does race play a part in cancer risk?
Researchers found that black men who had their prostates removed soon after being diagnosed with low-risk cancer were more likely to have the severity of their cancer upgraded based on a second assessment
02 Jul 2013 - P. C.
Boldly bald Men and the ever elusive issue of baldness
Despite the development of multitudes of hair products and treatments, men still grow bald. Today, baldness has become indicative of concerns that are more serious.
05 Jun 2013 - P. H.
A man's perspective Men's health issues can affect business success
Men’s health issues affect their productivity at work and they end up functioning at a lower level. Even though this could impact on your business’ output, the solution is simple.
17 May 2013 - E. M.
Pay your doctor a visit Symptoms not to ignore
Going to the doctor is not on many peoples' list of favourite activities, but something as serious as cancer, if caught early, could be treated effectively.
25 Apr 2013 - S. E.
The Moustache is King Men's health charity grows cancer awareness
The global men’s health charity initiative, staged annually during November, has launched a new campaign and registrations for the 2012 campaign are now open
24 Oct 2012 - J. V. Z.
Survival Stories Jeremy Mansfield speaks about his fight with cancer.
Jeremy Mansfield, tells of his cancer journey of surviving Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia and what it takes to survive.
05 Jun 2012
Men's Health Men are not Immune
Being the primary breadwinner in many households, men often endure high stress levels and long working hours give way to poor eating habits. But men need to look after their health.
16 May 2012

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