Women's Health
EGG-CEPTIONAL Why women freeze their eggs
"Apple and Facebook will now pay for women to freeze their eggs." Should women be worried about their fertility?
04 Nov 2014
HEART OF THE HOME Doctors discuss non-traditional therapies for heart health
Specialists review traditional and proven therapies for coronary artery disease and describe the role of nontraditional approaches while showing evidence supporting their use.
20 May 2014 - B. B.
LEAD THE WAY Women are proving their worth
While high-level female automotive executives have been a rare breed, one high-level executive has inspired female fleet executives, who say she's earned her seat at the table
30 Apr 2014
NEW BEGINNINGS Maternity leave: where do you stand
Female employees have a right to maternity leave but this encompasses a variety of legal do's and don'ts
30 Apr 2014
COMPLETE CONTROL Abuse as a tool to control
Emotionally abusive relationships can destroy your self-esteem, lead to depression, and give you a sense of helplessness. Recognising that your situation is abusive is the first step to being free
09 Apr 2014 - Z. R.
Free service A new contraceptive free to women in SA
A small contraceptive device installed under the skin will be made available free of charge to all women, said Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi.
24 Feb 2014
Going down south A dry spell can affect your relationship
While it may not be a topic many women feel comfortable talking about – even to their doctor - dryness of the 'private area' is one of the most uncomfortable symptoms women experience during menopause.
26 Nov 2013
Better health for the fairer sex The power of philanthropy and private investments in health
We need to find new ways to deliver and create demand for health solutions that already exist so they reach those living in the furthest regions of the developing world
13 Mar 2013 - K. R.
Don't overdo it Postnatal OCD
Experts estimate that about 11% of women who have recently given birth, experience symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder, compared with 2% to 3% of the general population
06 Mar 2013 - S. T.
Women empowerment Building character through leadership
This August, the Outward Bound Trust of South Africa gears up for Women’s month with our fifth annual Women's Empowerment programme.
26 Jul 2012
Injecting hope Free healthcare can exist
The new Shandukani Maternal and Child Health Centre in Hillbrow aims to decrease mortality rates.
17 Jul 2012
Osteoporosis Down to the bone
Osteoporosis is a disease commonly associated with age yet it also affects younger individuals.
04 Jul 2012 - c. m.

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