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A healthy partnership

Lisa Raleigh's 'well i am' challenge transforms SA

Lisa Raleigh's 'well i am' challenge transforms SA
Lisa Raleigh and Andrew Edwards, Executive Principal Officers of Liberty Medical Scheme

Liberty Medical Scheme has joined forces with well-known, high-profile fitness and wellness expert, Lisa Raleigh, who is set to become the scheme’s wellness ambassador.

A fitness specialist Raleigh actively works as a personal trainer and is well known for her role in the South African TV production, The Biggest Loser, as well as being the health and wellness consultant on SABC 3’s daily morning show, Expresso.

Having empowered many South Africans to take their health seriously and to lead an active lifestyle – and continuing to do so –  she is fast becoming South Africa’s unofficial face of wellness and healthy living.

Liberty Medical Scheme has embraced Raleigh’s latest exciting ventures, well i am, the Wellness Revolution Challenge and the Switch Challenge respectively, which launched 10 April 2013.

Well i am, the Wellness Revolution Challenge gives corporates and consumers the opportunity to enter an online, holistic, 13-week wellness transformation challenge with all the luxuries thrown in, the tools and skills to create life-long change and an online community of resources to keep them motivated.

The well i am challenge not only incentivises South Africans to achieve their desired weight goals but, through a unique blend of motivation, inspiration, support, incentives, rewards, tips and tools, it is designed to assist them in viewing the challenge as a permanent lifestyle change.

Coinciding with the launch of the well i am challenge, Raleigh’s youth project, the Switch Challenge, was borne out of the alarming rise of childhood obesity in South Africa and is specifically designed to motivate families to 'make the switch' and get active together, incentivising participants with a points-based rewards system.

Liberty Medical Scheme executive principal officer, Andrew Edwards, says that Raleigh – as an active proponent of healthy living focusing on wellness, digestion, stress management and obesity – fully embodies Liberty Medical Scheme’s stance on the importance of healthy living and wellness. “Fact is: the healthier people are – physically and mentally – the better they are equipped to deal with the strains and stresses of everyday life, remain economically active and productive, and contribute to a stable society and country. More importantly, staying healthy is an excellent form of insurance against the high costs of medical treatment.

“As the corporate partner of both the well i am, the Wellness Revolution Challenge and the Switch Challenge, Liberty Medical Scheme is extremely proud of this exciting new venture which fits both parties like a glove insofar as Liberty Medical Scheme and Raleigh both continuously strive to incentivise healthy habits and wellness nation-wide through innovative initiatives and ventures.”

Adds Raleigh: “Indeed, the partnership with Liberty Medical Scheme is a perfect fit as our visions are virtually identical: like myself, the company strongly focuses on the preventative side of health, giving people the necessary tools and supportive structure to change for the better and be the best possible ‘version’ of themselves. Together, we can make our health and wellness message even stronger. Hopefully this is just the beginning of many more joint ventures in aid of a healthier nation.”

Concluding, Edwards says the health and well-being of each and every Liberty Medical Scheme member is the very essence of the Liberty Medical Scheme promise: We care. For you. “The scheme’s involvement in the well i am, the Wellness Revolution, and the Switch challenges is yet another way of promoting a healthy lifestyle, not only for Liberty Medical Scheme members, but for all South Africans.”

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