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The Little Fighters Cancer Trust’s “Snug-as-a-Bug” Campaign started in 2013, after our Team noticed that many children in Paediatric Oncology Wards, do not have decent clothing.

Children whose clothing is far too small, worn, washed out, torn beyond being able to repair and children wearing far too little clothing while it is freezing. The real kicker was a little boy we met, who had so little, he had no choice but to wear girl’s clothing.

With financial resources stretched already, we decided to give our facebook Supporters a Project to call their own. JUST through the incredible Support of our facebook page’s Supporters, we were able to provide new, warm, beautiful winter clothing to over 90 Children with Cancer.

Snug-as-a-Bug is now established as an annual Little Fighters Cancer Trust Project, as the year’s number might change, but not the desperate need.

Children with Cancer have very low immune systems, due to their medical treatment. This is why Children with Cancer are highly prone to infections. Hence, we do not give second-hand clothing to Children with Cancer, but only new goodies.

Please consider purchasing, if even, ONE of the following items. If every one of our facebook Supporters contributes ONE item, we can provide new Winter clothing to SO many Little Fighters across South Africa!

This is a list of basic Winter Clothing.

• Boys and Girls Underwear, all sizes
• Boys and Girls Socks, all sizes
• Long sleeved vests, all sizes
• Tracksuits, all sizes
• Warm jackets, all sizes
• Socks, all sizes
• Pyjamas, all sizes
• Boys and Girls Long Pants and Jeans, all sizes
• Boys and Girls Long sleeved t-shirts, all sizes
• Boys and Girls Long sleeved warm tops, all sizes
• Girl’s Dresses and Skirts, all sizes
• Girl’s Tights, all sizes

Please take into consideration that there are many children between 12 and 18 years of age, whom we also reach. Therefore, please consider donating clothing for our Teenagers as well, and not only the very young Little Fighters.


Cape Town Northern Suburbs: Eileen, cell: 071 384 6573,

Cape Town Century City: Andrea, cell: 083 461 4990,

Paarl, Little Fighters Cancer Trust, Mandie, 073 729 6155,

West Coast, Jean-Marie, cell: 082 327 0803,

George, Sors, cell: 082 589 1763,

Oudtshoorn: Jacqui, cell: 082 738 1932,

Port Elizabeth: Vicky, cell: 076 252 6965,

East London: Marion, tel:043 726

Durban: Debbie, cell: 083 327 5250,

Pietermaritzburg: Sue, cell: 082 471 4754,

Johannesburg and Pretoria: Katrin, 083 655 2857,





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