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New and soon to be parents are in for a day of top tips and treats at the Johnson’s Baby Sense Seminars taking place at The Vineyard Hotel on Saturday 13th September.

Meg Faure (Baby Sense co-author), Dr Claudia Gray (paediatrician), Sr Ann Richardson (Toddler Sense author) and Tina Otte (midwife and special editor of Your Pregnancy magazine) will be giving expert parenting advice and survival tips.

The morning Baby Seminar will cover the following topics: stimulating your baby and toddler, your baby’s health and sleep solutions. The afternoon Birth & Newborn Seminar explores calming and connecting with your newborn, birth with sense and newborn basics.

The speakers gave us a taster of what they'll be sharing at the seminars. Meg Faure advises stimulating your baby's capacities broadly - physical, cognitive and language but also emotional and social areas. And colic is a normal period for many babies - it starts at 10 days, peaks at 6 weeks and abates by 12 weeks.

Sr Ann Richardson's talk on sleep solutions will also focus on age appropriate expectations around sleep, accepting that it might be 4-6 months before your baby can sleep for 10-12 hours at night undisturbed. Once your baby has learned the art of self soothing (at around 3 months of age) one can begin to let her fall asleep by herself by putting her to sleep whilst she is still awake (but drowsy).

Tina Otte has some wonderful advice to share pre birth and post partum such as talking to, singing to and reading to your unborn baby – s/he is listening and knows that they are precious, wanted and above all loved! And post partum look after yourself as a new mom first - a relaxed mom means a relaxed baby, so no need to sweat the small stuff.

Dr Claudia Gray will tackle allergy prevention strategies and the most asked questions including "Are allergies on the increase and if so why? Can I do anything to protect my newborn child against allergies"?

Join the experts at the Johnson’s Baby Sense Seminars on 13 September and prepare yourself fully for those first few challenging weeks and month of parenthood. For bookings and all seminar details visit www.babysense.com/talks-and-workshops or call (021) 671 3245.

For those who can't make it to the seminars, they will be screened LIVE from Cape Town on YourParenting.co.za on Saturday 13 September! Just go to http://www.yourparenting.co.za/tools/babysense-live and watch the whole seminar on your screen at home. The speakers will also answer your questions in nightly Q&A sessions on Facebook from 15-18 September.

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