by Greg Matthee

Get what you want

Why is that goal or dream so out of reach?

Get what you want
Why is that goal or dream so out of reach?

The secret is that there is absolutely nothing preventing you from getting what you want except YOU. If you think that there is something else, outside of you, that stops you from getting what you want, then you’ve just killed your only chance of getting it. The truth is that you can get what you want and it all starts with setting goals.

Yes, set the goal first. The details as to how you’re going to get it will come later. Plant the seed in your mind first. That’s exactly what goals are; seed ideas. They grow with attention and are watered by action. Once the seed idea takes root, it will flourish on its own into the very thing that you want.

If you want to start a business but don’t have two cents to scrape together, the least you can do is prepare a business plan. The same applies to buying the home of your dreams; there’s no harm in visiting show houses, choosing new furniture or deciding what your colour scheme will be. If you’re stuck in a job that you hate, have you actually sat down and seriously thought about what you could do to get out of it?

But what about the non-material things in life like breaking an unwanted habit, learning to be more assertive or finding a life partner to settle down with? Well, the same rule applies; you have to first define what it is that you want.

What new positive habit would you rather have, instead of the old one? What kind of behaviour would you need to exhibit if you wanted to be more assertive? If want to attract a particular type of person in your life, have you ever thought about what kind of person YOU need to become in order for that person to be attracted to you?

The goal is the very first step that has to take place before anything can materialise in your life. The first step involves creating a clear, precise mental picture of exactly what you want.

Here’s a sure-fire goal-setting method that works! Do this exercise:

  1. Decide exactly what you want and when you want it.
  2. Write down a simple goal statement that says exactly what you want. For example: I will be, do or have…X… by (insert date) or I am going to… by (insert date).
  3. To memorise your goal, repeat that statement over and over again. Notice how you feel. If you’re feeling excited and motivated, you can be rest assured that you will get what you want. If you have a niggling feeling that it won’t happen, change your goal, reword the goal statement or adjust the date to a more realistic time frame.
  4. Next, keep doing something everyday that will take you closer to what you want.

Doing something towards you goal, involves the little things like: try on that new outfit, visit that show house, test drive that new car, get prices, collect the travel brochures, find out what gym membership costs and so on… It doesn’t matter what you do, just as long as you do something.

So, what stops you from getting what you want?

The answer is YOU!

The reason why you’re not getting what you want in life is because your attention has been on all the reasons why you can’t or won’t succeed at getting it. You’re setting yourself up for self sabotage before even starting.

The key is to set things in motion by first defining exactly what it is you want. The rest will follow naturally. Your unconscious mind will join the dots but only when YOU make the first move. That first move starts with setting a concrete goal.

Remember these principles for the rest of your life:

  • Nothing in your life will get better until YOU act - if it isn’t right, fix it or move on.
  • Nothing moves until YOU move - initiate action, be proactive.
  • Nothing changes until YOU change - change who you are and everything else around you changes.

If you want better things in life just make a start. Do something! Anything! Set goals!

If your life’s a mess; stop complaining and take steps to get out of the situation. That's right; change that job, get out of that bad relationship, quit smoking, get rid of those extra kilos. You can do it ALL but it all starts with YOU. Decide what you want, then do it. 

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