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Boosting your immune system and keeping up a healthy lifestyle will drastically reduce your chances of getting sick.

As we are nearing the end of the year tensions start to rise and the workload only gets bigger and bigger. It is usually this time of the year we start to care less about our health. We live in a wonderful country filled with beautiful outdoors and a variety of fresh produce that is relatively inexpensive. We have no reason not to look after ourselves.

It is important to get enough exercise as it reduces stress, anxiety, tension and improves your digestion. Getting up a bit earlier in the morning for a quick yoga session or a bike ride is much easier in summer than winter. For those of you who love those extra few minutes of sleep in the morning, rather do some exercise in the evening. Get out of the house on weekends. Stay away from the television, couch and computer. Get active!

Here is a list of immune boosting foods:




•Oats and barley


•Chicken soup

•Tea, black, green and rooibos


•Sweet potato


•Kale, broccoli and cabbage





•Pumpkin seed



Also remember to get enough sleep, catch some rays for your much needed Vitamin D and try to stay away from tobacco, large quantities of alcohol and too much coffee.

If you are a bit too busy to live an active lifestyle you can opt for Ozone Therapy. In one 30 minutes session you can boost your immune system, reduce illness and improve your overall health. Ozone Therapy increase the oxygen levels in your blood which enhances your vitamin and mineral absorption during digestion, kills viruses, destroys bacteria and improves blood circulation. Ozone may reduce stress, anxiety, depression, cold & flu, memory loss, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s disease, gout, cancer and diabetes.

At Salvagente we pride ourselves in helping all our clients regarding buying an Ozone Sauna, going for Ozone Therapy session and improving your health.

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