by Sam Fritz

iPhone dials into snoring

A new iPhone snoring app a hit

The new app monitors those in denial about their snoring
iPhone dials into snoring

Nothing beats a good night’s sleep. But for many of us, eight hours of shuteye is the stuff of dreams thanks to nocturnal disturbances such as a crying baby, traffic or — worst of all — a snoring partner.

The latest in technology offers an iPhone app which hopes to remedy the latter by allowing sufferers to monitor, track and record their own snoring via their handset on their bedside table.

SnoreLab records and analyses the intensity and frequency of its users’ snores, the effectiveness of remedies such as nasal sprays and strips, and shows how lifestyle factors such as drinking can have an impact.

In the morning, it lets you play the whole noisy nightmare back to give you some idea of what you are inflicting on your partner.

The app, which costs about R40, is proving highly popular and has been downloaded by more than 100 000 users.

It was devised by London economist Jules Goldberg after he received little help from health professionals to combat his own troubled sleep.

After 60 nights monitoring his snoring, the 30-year-old found a nasal spray that reduced his symptoms — much to his wife Vanessa’s relief. He developed the app to help fellow sufferers realise the effect their snoring has on partners and to help them to find a snoring solution that actually works.

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