Migraines, Your Bodyand Medication Overuse


“9 Million Headache Sufferers in South Africa”

Headaches and migraines are far more common locally than a sufferer may think. Almost 16% of the South African population or a staggering 9 million endure headaches on a regular basis.

Dr. Shevel, Migraine Surgeon and Medical Director at the Headache Clinic, speaks candidly about these stats. “People still overlook regular headaches as a serious health concern. As a society, we don’t pay enough attention to headaches and migraines and the impact it has on so many lives. Far too often it is considered to be something frivolous. Research further shows that figures are constant across all races, cultures and income groups. Migraines do not discriminate.”

 “Medication Overuse”

Shevel goes on to discuss Medication Overuse Headache (MOH), a conditionknown to perpetuate headache pain.“MOHhas been linked toaspirin or panado, but is far more likely to occur when medication contains caffeine or codeine. When all of these ingredientsare combined in one pill, the likelihood of MOH will rise further.”
MOH is not solely linked to over-the-counter medications. According to recent study, the most potent form of MOH occurs with triptans, a commonly prescribed migraine-specific drug. Any medication or 'migraine kit' that contains ergotamine is also a cause for concern.

 “Non Drug Treatment of Migraines”

Shevel maintains most migraines originate in one of three places: jaw and neck muscles; arteries in the scalp; or nerves running to the scalp. It’s important to take a multidisciplinary approach when uncovering each sufferer's unique "Migraine Map". Treatment at The Headache Clinic is based on the accurate identification of the underlying structural causes in each individual patient.

“We also offer free assistance pertaining to diet, posture, exercise and quality of life. I would encourage all sufferers to make use our onlinequestionnaire, to assess frequency and severity on your quality of life.”

To find out more about non drug treatment for headaches and migraines, call 0861 678 911 or visit www.theheadacheclinic.net for free assistance.

For more information or to set up an interview with Dr. Shevel, please contact Adrienne McCarthy on +27 72 646 0235.

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