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You can win with vinegar

Genie in a bottle
Apple Cider Vinegar: Miracle potion

I’m sure at one stage or another you’ve heard one woman whisper to another about the weight loss benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar. But coming from the earlier generations where image was often favoured over health, it seems few of us know the real (and multiple) ways
 that Apple Cider Vinegar benefits the body!

Turns out there are a myriad of health benefits that apple cider vinegar offers, and a possible spin off of much-improved health is, in often cases, weight loss. Have a read – with your car keys and wallet at hand – because you’re going to be itching to rampage your nearest health store once you’re done!

First things first: the type of ACV you buy matters.

Whilst the regular version will still offer some of the benefits listed below, it won’t be of the same benefit as that made from organic apples. Ideally, your AVC should be unheated, unfiltered and unpasteurized. This version will have cloudy threads inside, where important enzymes and minerals exist.

Next up: get used to the taste.

ACV is – you guessed it – bitter to the taste buds, but since the usual dose of 1 tablespoon is diluted in a big glass of water, I really don’t find this much of a challenge. 

Now, for the benefits:
It balances your body’s pH
By now we know that our bodies function best at a slightly alkaline pH of 7.35-7.4. Too acidic, and we’re more susceptible to disease and infection. Like other valuable food sources, such as lemons and a myriad of fruit and veggies, ACV helps the body maintain a healthy alkaline pH level.

It balances your skin’s pH

Not only is the pH of your body’s insides balanced, but the outside as well. Skip the toner and dilute one part vinegar with two parts water for the same effect. Aged, stressed or damaged skin usually go hand in hand with a lower, more acidic pH, and this is a simple way to restore the balance. Dotting age spots or scars with ACV directly and leaving them over night can also diminish their appearance.

It is a great detoxing tool

In the effort to balance the pH of your body, ACV creates an overall detoxing effect on the body. Your liver and kidneys are both aided as a result.

It fights allergies

Our lymph nodes have a very important function of draining toxins from the body. With no pump to work them – like our hearts – they often need support in the form of lymph drainage massages (I’m a big fan, and have these often). ACV steps in to assist, as it not only can break up mucous in the body, it cleanses our lymph nodes as well. This in turn can reduce the symptoms of pesky allergies, such as nasal and sinus congestion.

It aids digestion

Drinking AVC 15 minutes before a meal in the method described above can assist in breaking down your food more effectively. It does this by stimulating the digestive juices needed for healthier digestion. In the same turn, it offers mild laxative relief to those with constipation – but it won’t have this effect if you are regular.

It can reduce heartburn

This is a biggie for those that are tired of scoffing Rennies before every meal, and are prone to the nasty symptoms of heartburn. A teaspoon of ACV followed immediately by water can offer relief almost immediately, although this is advised for heartburn only, and is not a good idea for those with stomach ulcers.

It fights candida

ACV is a lucky packet of beneficial acids for the gut. The acetic and malic acid in particular contribute to the prevention and control of candida – a recurring yeast-like parasitic that can cause thrush.

It can regulate blood sugar

This is perhaps my favourite benefit, as it fights one of our most silent killers – Diabetes. The acetic acid in ACV is thought to slow down the digestion of refined or simple carbs, essentially lowering their glycemic index. Studies also show that it can increase sensitivity in insulin resistance – a valuable aid for those fighting pre-diabetes.

Banish pet fleas, whiten up your smile and clean your bathroom – Apple Cider Vinegar is one powerful household staple to have on hand.


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