Asante-Philani Launches ‘Viro-Cleanse’, May 2014


Asante Philani recently launched a new health supplement for chronic illness & disease. At a packed conference centre in Milnerton on May 22nd 2014, the company officially launched its latest immune support product to the gathered invited guests.

Members of the research team, journalists, radio and TV reporters, therapists and doctors listened to a series of presentations of how the new supplement worked and personal stories of changed participants lives. This new supplement is in an easy-to-take capsule and suitable for people of all ages.

‘In effect, this supplement operates in the same way as your own immune system’ reports Dr Thozi Qubuda, Director & Clinical Practitioner of Asante Philani. ‘By combining traditional and complimentary healing plants and organic oils that are grown in Africa, we have successfully shown how people can improve their health and well-being’. ‘This is the first of many opportunities to promote health within communities that face many life challenges’, says Dr Julian Holmes, Clinical Director of the Asante Philani Group. ‘We designed a product to support and boost the individuals own immune system to help fight disease, and we have successfully done that.’

Company Secretary, Abel Pienaar started the afternoon meeting by introducing Venetia Kruger, CEO. This is the third health-care venture Ms Kruger has started from the ground up. Dr Thozi Qubuda introduced some of the participants from Cape Flats who were involved in the product trial. Three ladies recounted their own personal stories of how the new product had changed their lives, and given them hope after they felt abandoned by their partners and by the healthcare system. All recounted how after 2-3 days they started to feel better, with more energy, and how the side effects of their ARV medication started to disappear. Now, with the support of Asante, these participants will enter a long-term study to follow their progress. Asante’s Clinical Director, Dr Julian Holmes, took the assembled guests through the research and data so by the time he finished, all had a clear idea just what this new supplement offered sick people and communities – and what further exciting and novel products were in development.

Asante Philani needs funds to develop, trial and improve new products. We welcome donations, grants, loans, bequests and your orders! The Asante Foundation reaches out in many ways. The Foundation was created to reach out to donors and funders who want to make a difference in the world. Asante may be located in South Africa, but our products ship all over the world – from the USA, Europe, Middle East, Asia and of course, in Africa. The Foundation also engages with farmers and producers of our raw products. Asante Philani encourages small farmers and co-operatives to self-help with funding and employment in rural communities hit by HIV. Ready to donate funds to help our research, to develop new products and help heal the world? Then contact us through Asante Foundation, our NGO division where your donations will be welcomed and used to help develop new products to fight disease. Call us on +27 21 557 0446 or via e-mail. We are registered as an NGO and PBO – your donations or loans can be set against your tax.

You will also find further information on our web site at

Summary: Feeling at bit ‘off’? Feel the Flu taking over? Feeling low, no energy or ‘get-up-and-go’? Then ‘Viro-Cleanse’ Active is for you! Been diagnosed with a chronic illness like HIV, diabetes, herpes, or just come out of hospital and need to get back on your feet as soon as possible? ‘Viro-Cleanse’ will pick up your immune system and put you back feeling on top of the world.

About Asante Philani: Asante Philani was formed in 2014. The directors have been involved in health care for many years; Venetia Kruger, has started and run successful companies formulating and selling supplements for the last 12 years. Dr Julian Holmes, Clinical Director, qualified as a dentist over 30 years ago. His research has been published around the world, and he regularly lectures in South Africa, the USA and Europe on HIV, infection control, and wound management. Dr Thozi Qubuda, Director and Lead Clinician, qualified over 15 years ago, and developed his skill of using traditional plant products to help heal war veterans in some of Africa’s conflicts where ‘modern’ pharmaceuticals were not available.

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