by Dr Faiez Kirsten

Objective achieved

Create a lifestyle of optimal health and wellness

Chronic stress and bad lifestyle choices are the main causes of illness
Optimal health and wellness

It might be fair to say that most people are not achieving the best health and wellness. Why do I say this? Because if they did there would be no global crisis in healthcare.

The world has been faced with a healthcare crisis of immense proportions for some time now. And this crisis has many aspects to it, one of them being affordability. In fact the situation is so extreme that according to the World Health Organisation “100 million people a year are pushed into poverty by their medical bills”.

The sad and tragic reality is an increasing epidemic of chronic and preventable diseases such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension (high blood pressure), heart disease, anxiety and depression, asthma, obesity and others – and of course not forgetting the shocking explosion in the number of people suffering (and dying) from perhaps that nasty of all nasties, the cancer scourge.

But what about illness and disease due to genetic factors? Is it not true that there is nothing people can do about conditions they have inherited? No. This is false. In fact this is one of the many fallacies which keep people sick and perpetuate the healthcare crisis. The truth is that only a small percentage of illnesses and diseases are primarily due to genetic factors (less than five percent).

Most diseases are caused by factors such as chronic stress, poor nutrition and bad lifestyles, all of which are completely preventable. Even if a person has inherited genes that increase his or her risk of illness and disease this risk can be minimised or eliminated by getting rid of persistent stress and having the right diet and a good lifestyle!

So the good news is that regardless of whether you have inherited disease-causing genes or not, by eliminating chronic stress from your life, eating nutritious foods and living a healthy lifestyle you can get to enjoy the best health and wellness possible.

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