by Kim Swartz

Office-bound stress

Work-related pressure is increasingly becoming part of our daily lives

Know how to minimise work-related stress
Work stress getting you down?

Having breaks during work is essential, and anyone who uses his/her free time to check work emails should not be surprised if they feel stressed. Even so, work-related pressure is increasingly becoming part of the daily lives of most folk these days.

Here are some tips on how to slow down the rat race:

During work

Don't dive into work on Monday like you usually do. The basic rule should be, don't let stress even arise. A cup of coffee or tea is always a good start. During the day, it helps to ask: "Is it okay if I put this task off for 10 minutes?"

Cleaning the desk, sorting business cards and invoicing travel expenses when a difficult problem looms does not help to fix it. Setting wrong priorities means delaying important tasks, the experts say. In the end, the stress becomes even greater.

Making a to-do list is not a new idea, but it can help.

Support from colleagues is the best stress prevention. So, have a chat often with colleagues you like at the water cooler. The world may look completely different afterward; they may even offer help.

Decorate your desk. Photos of your loved ones, souvenirs from your last vacation or tickets for the movie theatre - 'everything that lets your soul relax' is a true stress killer. Pimp up your desk individually from time to time so you notice that 'it's not all about work'.

Bring your dog to the office once in a while. "We know from studies that an office dog has a positive effect," an occupational psychologist says. But you need to discuss with your boss first if a dog is okay; if not, there may be even more stress in the end.

And after work?

Exercise: An important antidote to stress is sport. Having a good feeling about your body makes many things easier. While jogging in a green area, you are in less danger of checking your email.

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