Technology aids improved healthcare

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In 2013, the health IT sector raised $2.2 billion through venture and other institutional investment, up 40 percent from 2012. 

John Dineen, President & CEO of GE Healthcare, said, “Healthcare has always relied on ’big data,’ and the need to understand data is even greater now.”  

Wainwright Fishburn Jr., a board member of the Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance, delivered a keynote speech at the Digital Health Summit. He explained how fitness sensor wearing consumers are playing a critical role in pushing digital health into the mainstream. You see, the big data you’re providing with your mobile health apps and wearables, is helping physicians. With it, they can more effectively pinpoint the right diagnosis for a condition, match it to the right treatment, and make more informed decisions. 

Because health care has been so focused on equipment and research upgrades, their file systems were kind of ‘good enough’ and they were fine with the way they were doing things.

But that’s all changed with patient demand for health and fitness related personal technologies. While many believe it’s doctors and hospitals pushing digital transformation in the wellness industry, patients are responsible for nudging it along, as well. 

The mobile-empowered “behavioral nudge” causing people to make healthier lifestyle choices, and rely less on healthcare resources, is the first step.

Secondly, the socially “empowered patient” who today is better educated and prepared when visiting the doctor’s office.

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