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Condoms + Brands = Brandoms

Condoms + Brands = Brandoms

If you want to create a relationship with consumers at the most emotive and impactful level; If you want your brand to be associated with responsibility, safety and caring; If you want your brand to be remembered for being bold, for taking a stand where it matters most, then your brand needs to be part of Brandoms.

Condoms + Brands = Brandoms

Brandoms came about when Levi’s asked us to find a way to make condoms more appealing and hip for their youth target market. The result was astonishing, for both the acceptance of condoms by youth as well as the benefit to the Levi’s brand.

Lest you think Brandoms are only ‘sexy’ for the young, we have subsequently produced Brandoms for many corporations, ranging from automotive companies to utiliities [Rand Water]. The response from employees is always the same: the Brandoms ‘fly off the shelf’ as they are perceived to represent a higher value thanks to the endorsement of their company. But then, any marketer worth his salt knows that’s the value inherent in any brand.

Why invest in Brandoms? 

Consistent condom usage is still the best HIV prevention method there is. In fact, the stabilisation of the epidemic in South Africa can be attributed directly to the increase in condom usage. Unfortunately, too many people are still having unprotected sex. Unavailability of condoms,  non-insistence by a sexual partner, unimportance and ignorance all contribute to non-usage. 

Condomisation needs to be encouraged and supported vigorously so that condom usage becomes a natural way of life. Lending your product or corporate endorsement in a sexy manner helps to do just that.  

It’s an exercise in HR management as much as it is in health. Like consumers, employees regard Brandoms as a display of concern and caring by the employer. It says, “We’re not uptight, we know you have sex, we value you, so take care of yourself.”

No matter how you measure your ‘return on investment’, if your brand can save just one life, the value of your investment is incalculable.

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