The Importance of a Happy, Healthy Workplace

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What is the main goal we try to achieve in life? Happiness of course - whether that’s through climbing the social ladder, making money, spending time outdoors, traveling the world or starting a family.

All we want is to be happy with whatever we have achieved in our lives. We all want to look back and feel we had a full and happy life. Getting to your ultimate happiness is not very easy and we are fighting for it day after day. Happiness in the workplace is very important. We spend at least 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 20 days a month and 240 days a year at work. In our lifetime we would have spent at least 26 years at work. Shocking isn’t it?

That is why it is so important for employees to be happy in their jobs. It is estimated that about 40% of people are extremely unhappy in their jobs. That is why there has been an increase in absenteeism due to illness, mental disorders, depression which leads to a decrease in productivity and a companies' profitability.

What are the top factors that are affecting employee job satisfaction? What do the employees say will make them happier?
70% said - Having security in their job
60% said - Benefits (medical)
57% said - Increase in compensation/ pay
55% said - More opportunities to showcase their skills and abilities
54% said - Feeling safe in their environment
52% said - Having a good relationship with their supervisor
47% said - Having a bit more independence and being able to show what they are made of.

According to a study done by Towers Watson in 2010, companies with high employee engagement levels increased their operating income by almost 20%, where low employee engagement levels saw a decline of almost 33%.

Getting your employees motivated and giving them an enjoyable workspace can not only improve your income but also improve your company status and employee loyalty. Something that should not be overlooked is employee health. Did you know that absenteeism costs your company 1/3 of the base payroll? This includes paying absent workers, lost of productivity and hiring replacement workers.

How can you improve your employee health? Improving their environment will improve happiness which will decrease stress, anxiety and depression. Promote healthy eating by serving healthy snacks like fruit, small salads, nuts, dried fruit, 100% fruit juice and water. Remove vending machines with soda, chocolate and chips and promote staying active. You can also introduce and Ozone Sauna into your workplace. Ozone therapy will improve employee wellness and productivity within a few sessions. An Ozone Therapy session takes 30 minutes.

Ozone Therapy improves improve brain function, blood circulation and reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Ozone Therapy may also reduce your chances of developing heart disease, it lower cholesterol, improves sleep, combats fatigue, boosts your immune system, kills viruses and bacteria and reduces chances of getting the flu.

Will you be reducing employee absenteeism and increasing your operating income by 20%?

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