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ATTITUDE NO PROBLEM Your personality can affect your health
Believe it or not, some of your most basic personality traits can determine your future health conditions, or lack thereof, research reveals.
08 Apr 2014 - A. C.
TB UPDATE SA continues the fight against TB
SA’s status as the country that has one of the highest number of tuberculosis (TB) cases worldwide has put a spotlight on efforts to reverse the number of people living with the disease
26 Mar 2014 - T. H.
Too young for TB? Half a million children get TB every year
The World Health Organisation says more than 200 children under the age of 15 die from tuberculosis every day even though it's a preventable disease.
02 Oct 2013
Where we find the most germs You may use hand sanitizers but germs are everywhere
We are more aware of the germs we live with, than we were a few years ago. Here's a look at the places and things which carry the most germs.
24 Jun 2013 - N. S.
A man's perspective Men's health issues can affect business success
Men’s health issues affect their productivity at work and they end up functioning at a lower level. Even though this could impact on your business’ output, the solution is simple.
17 May 2013 - E. M.
No wheezing matter Allergies may worsen respiratory health issues
Hay fever and similar allergies increase the frequency and severity of respiratory problems in people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a new study shows.
16 May 2013 - K. C.
Pay your doctor a visit Symptoms not to ignore
Going to the doctor is not on many peoples' list of favourite activities, but something as serious as cancer, if caught early, could be treated effectively.
25 Apr 2013 - S. E.
The ABC of HIV New developments aim to break down the virus
The only HIV vaccine trial to achieve moderate success took place four years ago and continues to reveal new information about the virus and renew hopes for a future vaccine.
16 Jan 2013 - C. P.
Act fast World stroke day encourages action
You only have three hours to get help for a stroke before you risk permanent disability. Here’s what to look out for
30 Oct 2012 - N. A.
Workplace wellness The return on Investment on Wellness Initiatives
Chronic disease is the leading cause of death and disability worldwide, causing 60% of deaths and is expected to increase by 17% over the next ten years
17 Oct 2012 - K. M.


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