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Curbing obesity Peer education might be the key
Engaging older youths in delivering health messages to younger peers is an effective method for preventing weight gain, improving knowledge of healthy living and increasing self-esteem.
13 Feb 2014
Make time for fitness There is no such thing as I dont have time
There are just too few hours in the day is a common excuse to cut out fitness – put together some quick and easy ways to fit in a little bit of exercise into your everyday life.
26 Apr 2013 - A. F.
Counting sheep A healthy diet helps you sleep
Studies reveal that by losing weight, you can improve your sleep patterns. You can choose to either diet or combine exercise and diet for optimal sleep quality
07 Nov 2012 - S. C.
Fabulous of flabbiness? South Africans continue to fight the bulge
South Africans might not be high on the obesity list but were not far from it either. A medical aid scheme reported that many overweight and obese South Africans are in complete denial about their health
22 Oct 2012 - S. K.
The art of Arthritis Understanding Arthritis can eliminate unnecessary pain and deformity
World Arthritis day, 12 October, creates awareness of the disease and the challenges faced by those it affects
12 Oct 2012 - K. S.
Stress factor Look after your heart
Those who find themselves in highly demanding jobs with little freedom for decision making, are 23% more likely to have a heart attack, according to research.
21 Sep 2012
Pot belly Belly fat increases diabetes risk
A 17-year study on nearly 30 000 middle-aged people, revealed that belly fat (often referred to as a pot belly or beer belly), is a leading cause of type 2 diabetes.
20 Sep 2012


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