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HEALTHY LIFESTYLE From pool to podium
When it comes to swimming, South Africa has never been short of talent. Over the years the pools around the globe have supplied the country with many medals at some of the biggest
10 Dec 2014 - R. S.
Break the habit Top 10 worst male health habits
Regardless of your diet or workout routine - here are the most common mistakes men make when it comes to their health
04 Nov 2013
Mother City number 1 Cape Town ranked number one in Discovery’s Vitality Fittest City Index
According to the World Health Organisation, by 2030 non-communicable diseases could claim the lives of up to 55 million people. Cape Town's infrastructure creates a suitable environment for health and fitness.
18 Jun 2013 - G. M.
A picture is worth a thousand words Enter our corporate health and wellness challenge
The health and wellness of employees should be a priority to any business. We would like to challenge YOU to show us what health and wellness initiatives you have at your place of work.
13 Jun 2013 - N. G.
New technology aids fitness Active doctors can encourage active patients
Recent studies have highlighted how physically fit doctors are in fact five times more likely to recommend the importance of exercise to their patients than their less active counterparts.
20 May 2013 - T. M.
Doping in sport Unknowingly consuming banned substances?
Worldwide, governments and sporting bodies have expressed their outrage that the use of banned performance-enhancing drugs in sport, both in professional and school sport, has yet again come to the fore.
30 Apr 2013 - T. H.
Make time for fitness There is no such thing as I dont have time
There are just too few hours in the day is a common excuse to cut out fitness – put together some quick and easy ways to fit in a little bit of exercise into your everyday life.
26 Apr 2013 - A. F.
Healthy relations Having a workout partner often helps to reach fitness goals
One of the biggest reasons people drop out of an exercise programme is a lack of support and motivation. The excitement about embarking on a new exercise programme can fade as soon as the excuses start mounting
05 Mar 2013 - E. L.
Age is but a number A list of things which you can do to look and feel younger
There may now be some credence to that saying "You're only as old as you feel." 'Metabolic age' is a new buzzword in the fields of health and fitness
30 Jan 2013 - C. H.


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