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MIGRAINES EFFECT LEARNING Migraines Linked to Teen Learning Disabilities
“Migraines becoming more common in adolescents” According to a combined study by over ten international research facilities, headaches are becoming more prevalent
26 May 2014
Sharp-nosed mosquitos New research may pave the way for improved malaria prevention
Scientists have discovered that by mutating a smell-related gene in mosquitoes, you hinder their ability to sniff out humans, which paves the way to better weapons against malaria and dengue fever
04 Jun 2013 - S. K.
Future developments Scientists aim to improve medical offerings
Medical researchers continue to develop treatments in order to reach a cure. Have a look at a few remarkable 2013 innovations.
02 Nov 2012 - S. C.
An artillery of antibodies Superwoman is not just a cartoon character
A women from a rural area in KwaZulu-Natal, possesses neutralising antibodies that weaken the HIV virus
01 Nov 2012 - S. C.
Magic beans Legumes have been known to aid healthy lifestyles
We all know the rhyme ‘Beans, beans, good for the heart...’ but did you know that beans can also improve the lives of diabetics?
25 Oct 2012 - S. C.
Cancer Can be beaten New hope for breast cancer
Research shows that by using a form of the smallpox virus, we could infect and kill tumor cells of a virulent form of breast cancer.
04 Oct 2012 - S. C.


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